Your independent pawn shop has unique business software needs.  Without Pawn Wizard your choices to fill those needs with pawn shop software is limited to products designed for the larger chain stores.  Pawn Wizard also provides enterprise software for those who need it, but those other pawn software products usually include many features the typical pawn shop doesn't need but has to pay for anyway.  Pawn Wizard provides you with significant value over every other product on the market - in ease of use, learning curve, live support and pricing!

      Beginning in 2002 we built our pawn software from the ground up based on the Microsoft Windows® family of operating systems.  The advantage to you is that we stay current with Microsoft operating system technology- meaning that you don't need to worry about your system becoming obsolete or susceptible to hackers because we build our software with technology for the newest Microsoft operating systems.   As you can see we are time tested and proven in over 1,100 installations across the country for over 14 years. 

     Our new Pawn Wizard PRO is shipping now and has support for Microsoft Windows 10 - their latest product.  We were the first pawn shop software with support for both Microsoft Vista® & Windows 7® 32 bit & 64 bit operating systems, Windows 8 and again the first to fully support Windows 10!  Pawn Wizard has always been designed and built on the most modern Windows technologies unlike most of our competition.  We have done thousands of installations for users across the USA and beyond, a tremendous record of growth in 16 years!  Try out our free fully functional evaluation versions and join our family of pawn shop users!


New Customer Special

Pay ONLY $ 499 for our PRO Software when you buy a

Basic Hardware Startup pkg *


Pawn Wizard PRO

Our newest product developed for fast transaction entry with the newest Microsoft technology designed to fully support Windows 8 as well as Windows 7  

Quick download - of the software to your computer

Easy to learn – you will be using it within an hour

Easy to use – simple to remember from day-to-day

Secure information – it is only on your computer

Affordable – no one gives you more features for this little money

2D barcode - Add new customers fast

Multiple transactions from one screen – means more transactions per day per employee

Touchscreen for simple transactions – makes your job easy, especially when you can’t find your “mouse”

Multiple tickets and ticket types on one checkout – you and your employees will love it

Capture item picture quickly and easily – and put them on the ticket!

Supports multiple cash drawers - and reconcile them individually

Multiple tax levels automatically – city, state, country

The latest Microsoft technology – no worries about “them” changing “again”

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Pawn Wizard PRO Enterprise

Do you have multiple locations and need a consolidated reporting and inventory control center from your corporate office?  Pawn Wizard PRO Enterprise is the product for you.

Everything Pawn Wizard PRO offers at all of your stores plus:

Information Security for all of your stores  – you can trust the “cloud” – or trust yourself

Access from any location – all your information from any of your stores

Allow your customers to pay at any of your locations – they don’t have to return to their 1st store

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